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Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers Member receives recognition

Guild Member Receives Recognition, and Gives It.

As furniture makers we occupy a certain niche position in our state’s forest economy. We rely on Vermont loggers and lumberyards to supply gorgeous, high quality, responsibly harvested wood. We count on the good ... Read more

About Our Craftsmen, Vermont's Finest Studio Furniture Makers

Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers at a Glance

This week we’ve been working up one of those ubiquitous ‘year in review’ posts, collecting the articles and stories of 2013 that our readers might have missed. We are, as you might have guessed, relatively new ... Read more

Vermont Steambent Hardwoods

Giving Thanks: The Spirit of the Season

The fourth quarter is a busy one; year-end project completions, winter workshop preparedness and the joyful commitments to family and friends over the holidays. And while we're blazing toward 2014, we recognize that ... Read more