Shop Talk: A Guild Gathering at Dorset Custom Furniture

Signs of spring in Vermont… New lambs on the farm, geese settling in at the pond, back roads thawing, turning to mud. Back in February with wind whipping and snow flying, we posted about our first meeting of the year. Dave Hurwitz welcomed the gang to his workshop up in Randolph.

Winter Meeting, Photo Courtesy Chris Ericson Furniture

And while it’s not quite fiddlehead season as we had predicted, winter’s certainly moved on from the Southern Vermont banana belt! Over the weekend, Dan Mosheim and his Dorset Custom Furniture crew cleaned up their shop and made room for a generous turn out; guild members coming in from all over the state. We talked concepts, techniques and photography. Brought the gang up to speed on this year’s shows and exhibits.

Vermont Furniture Makers Together

And temps warmed up just enough for Dave to give his famous Shellac Stick Demo.

Stick Shellac Demonstration

True to tradition, it was a great time together. We departed as usual, feeling inspired, informed and – thanks to our hosts – well fed! It’s bound to be a solid spring season.

Vermont Furniture Makers Keep it Fun, Keep it Local

Until next time, so long from Vermont. We hope we’ll be hearing from you!

Photos courtesy of Dan Mosheim, Dorset Custom Furniture


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