Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers at a Glance

This week we’ve been working up one of those ubiquitous ‘year in review’ posts, collecting the articles and stories of 2013 that our readers might have missed. We are, as you might have guessed, relatively new voyagers into the social media stratosphere. With the good fortune of a few content creators among us, we’ve come to appreciate the time required to craft good, interesting copy. And the other side of that coin? That’s where you come in! We truly appreciate you, our friends and fans, who apply the brakes for a few minutes to read and share our posts, discuss and give feedback. It makes this journey exciting and worthwhile. So it’s in the interest of this precious thing, the ever-ticking clock, that we’ve captured some of the ‘Guild Essentials’ in brief. Introducing FIVE IN 5: quick portraits of our membership, a handful at a time.

Custom Windsor Chairs and Benches Handcrafted in Vermont

Burlington-based studio furniture Maker Erin Hanley

Custom, Modern and Reproduction Studio Furniture by Steve Holman Vermont

Custom Arts & Crafts, Mission Furniture made in Vermont

Sustainably Harvested Custom Furniture Made in Vermont

Row 1: Timothy Clark Chairwright Cabinetmaker. Waltham VT  Style influenced by Shaker and early American furniture traditions. Pieces are characterized by solid and true joinery, hand work. Signature work includes “floating back” Windsor dining and rocking chairs crafted with native hardwoods. Custom inquiries welcome. Check out Tim’s portfolio or send him an E-mail.

Row 2: Erin Hanley Fine Furniture. Burlington VT  A graduate of the Cabinet and Furniture Program at Boston’s North Bennet Street School. Work features hand cut joinery, richly colored woods and hand-applied finishes. Particular interest in carving and surface ornamentation. Custom inquiries welcome. Check out Erin’s portfolio or reach her by E-mail.

Row 3: Steve Holman, Holman Studios. Dorset VT  Designing and building custom furniture for residential and corporate customers since 1981. Deep portfolio of collaborative work with architects and designers. Custom inquiries are the rule, and departure from the ordinary. Enjoys antique restoration and how it informs other work. Solar Powered Workshop. Check out Steve’s collection on our site or send him an E-mail.

Row 4: William Laberge Cabinetmaker. Dorset VT  Style influenced by Shaker and Craftsman philosophies of high quality materials and workmanship. Particular fan of Greene and Greene. Great access to textiles. Custom inquiries welcome. Solar Powered Workshop. Classes & Instruction Offered. Solar Powered Workshop. Check out Bill’s portfolio on our website. Shoot him an E-mail with design ideas or questions.

Row 5: Robert M. Gasperetti Furniture Maker. Mount Tabor VT  Furniture inspired by Shaker, Mission and Arts and Crafts styles. A connoisseur of wood. Careful focus on selection, stewardship and care in matching colors, grains. No two pieces are alike. While dimensions may be identical, wood characteristics create a unique identity. Sustainable woods. Commissions welcomed. Check out Bob’s portfolio or contact him via E-mail.

Thanks for joining us! Hope you’re looking forward to the next round of FIVE IN 5 & getting to know our makers.



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