Christmas Eve in Vermont — A Quiet Peace

Putney in Winter


It’s Christmas Eve once more. In New England and across America, the winter season has officially begun. Perhaps a time of pause and reflection; surely a time of celebration and joy. And much of it relies on the landscapes which inspire us. Apart from the festive villages with their twinkling lights and apart from homes decked in holiday finery, there is another Vermont.

There are the snow covered meadows and open fields, the frozen rivers and streams rimmed with ice. The undressed winter forests give us pause every time, woods rife with possibility. It’s a woodworker’s Vermont. The bones of the landscape are revealed in a stunning and quiet peace.

First Frost, Courtesy of Route 7 Social

Vermont Meadow in Winter

Winter Path, Courtesy of Route 7 Social

Winter Railway, Courtesy of Route 7 Social

Homestead in Winter, Courtesy of Route 7 Social

Sunset over Cooper Mountain, Hayama Cabinetmakers

DCF shop lights holiday

Many thanks to contributing Guild members. Richard Bissell‘s fine Putney Views; David Hurwitz‘ capture of the frozen Ottaquechee; Pete Novick‘s sunset over Cooper Mountain; Dan Mosheim’s holiday lights at Dorset Custom Furniture. And so we wish you the finest moments of this season.


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