(Almost) Springtime in Vermont

It’s been a long winter, hasn’t it? Loads of weather, some extreme, and lots and lots of snow. In some of our towns, the skiing is still fantastic–bluebird days and a full face of sunshine. But down in the valleys, the snow is starting to melt and change of season’s believable. It’s almost springtime in Vermont!

Vermont songbird

Songbirds flit from bush to tree and and tiny animal tracks are everywhere. Afternoons are longer, thanks to daylight savings, the sun feels stronger and the earth’s waking up.

springtime on a vermont farm

Last week we blogged about sugaring season and this middling month of March. Like November, it’s an in-between time with a palette of browns marking the landscape.

vermont landscape spring

It’s a month of lambing, sugaring and brilliant moons. Of brisk meadow walks without (for a change) snowshoes!

stonewall springtime in vermont

It often brings rain, which we’ve had, and sometimes ice. Of course, then on to frost heaves, potholes, and mud season. Love that about spring? Not really so much…

mud season

But all it takes is a couple of super spring-charged days where barns glow warm against a bright blue sky…

rural scene instagram vermont barn

And even the most contrary hens relax in the midday sun…

rural life spring chicken

The start of spring is just two days away. In a blink–April–and our mountains will begin their march toward green.

vermont scenery danby mountain

We’re lucky to be making furniture in a New England state where the story unfolds through four seasons. A landscape of subtle and not so subtle changes, it’s a constant source of inspiration. And from our workshops, even (almost) springtime is a pretty fine time to be.

Stay tuned next week for a more scenic Vermont as we kickstart spring studio tours. And don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook! We’re sharing new and favorite furniture designs, work by other local artists and behind the scenes snapshots of the making process.

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