Kids Furniture: Give the Gift of a Family Heirloom

The holidays are all about family. We know that well. Every piece our furniture makers craft is destined for a home, for a family. It’s happy fate is to become a family heirloom. We love making furniture for young children. It’s a beautiful way to get them started early on a family tradition. So, whether you have a young family yourself, or have family expecting a child, consider these gift options.

Here is a sampling of some of our furniture items that would be just right for a special child in your life.

Children’s Windsor Comb back Highchair

This high chair was made at the renowned Sawyer Made Windsor chair shop by George Sawyer. It has beauty, elegance and strength to last a lifetime — a guarantee placed on all Sawyer Made chairs. This chair is designed to seat children from the first time they’re able to sit in a high chair without being held in place (at around age two) all the way through age ten when they graduate on to the adult Windsors.

This chair may be custom made to suit your height recommendations. It can be made to fit a specific person and also a specific table. The colors and other design features may be selected to your specifications.

Here it is unpainted with baluster turned legs and arm posts and hand-carved ears and knuckles on the arm rests. The chair is also made from local woods!

Penelope’s Cradle

This cradle by furniture maker Eric Sprenger has a gorgeous, classic, and natural look. Called, Penelope’s Cradle, it’s perfect for rocking a baby to sleep. It has no extraneous parts so you don’t have to worry about any harm coming to your baby. Your family can just enjoy this crib for generations to come.

Big Red Chair

This great outdoor chair by furniture maker Timothy Clark is fun for all ages. Originally built as a promotion for a local theater, this one-of-a-kind piece is a double scale model of Clark’s Waltham Side Chair, with all of the same features and painted in a striking red.

“It was a great experience to build,” Clark says. “As I shaped large versions of forms that are like old friends after making so many normal size chairs of this design.” The chair is available now, or a new one can be made to suit your specific needs.

Here is Clark with the Big Red Chair.

Always a family favorite, kids and adults alike are drawn to the chair.

Fred & Wilma Clock

This charming little clock by David Hurwitz is a perfect choice for a retro nursery or kids room.

Hurwitz found inspiration both at home an in popular culture. The turquoise reminded him of his grandparents’ kitchen. The second inspiration is, of course, the classic Flintstones cartoon, giving it that unmistakable look.

The rocky appearance is a result of hand-carved poplar wood being coated with graphite paint. This fun piece is just right for kids, or even an adult looking to reminisce.

This piece is also currently available and would make a great gift.

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