Desks: Furniture for Writing While Standing, Sitting, or Traveling

Having the right furniture makes all the difference when it comes to getting office work, school work, and writing done. This week, we share a collection of desks for writing and office work from our furniture makers. There are desks to fit every office and work preference.

Sitting Desks

First is the Arden Writing Desk by Dave Hurwitz. This sculpturally-inspired desk is nearly seven feet long, providing ample writing space. The curved top creates a wrap-around desk that allows access to all of it.

The desk was designed with comfort in mind. The top is almost two inches thick and rounded. It makes for a great place to rest your elbows while you think!

The legs of the desk are made of ash in a process called “stack-lamination,” in which five layers of wood are glued together. The final shape is then carved from the stack into the final table you see below.

A different view of the desk.

Some detail of the legs.

Desk with Organizers in Walnut and Maple by Bob Gasperetti. Another desk for paper and office work, this one features a book-matched walnut top, meaning each half of the desktop was cut from one piece wood. Thus, the details of each side mirror one another. The organizers on top are removable if more space is desired.

Continuing with our desks for office and school work, we have “Don’s Desk” Writing Desk in Cherry and Maple by Jim Becker. This desk was named after Becker’s orthodontist, for whom it was originally designed. He also came up with the idea for the arch pattern in the center of the piece. The two arcs add comfort and beauty.

Here’s the desk at another angle. Like all of our custom pieces, this one can be remade and modified to suit the needs of any customer. For example, Becker has made versions of this without the top console, and another to best accommodate a computer. Our furniture makers can do anything to suit the needs of their customers.

The next desk is a classic looking Writing Desk in Mahogany by Erin Hanley. This desk features legs that taper into spade feet, hand cut joinery, and Spanish Cedar-lined bottom drawers.

The next desk is the Caroline Desk in Maple and Mahogany by Eric Sprenger. This one has drawers only underneath to maximize surface area on the top, and potentially accommodate more than one person.

Here, you get a better look at the carved mahogany legs.

And in this final photo, you see the figure of the maple desktop.

Stand-Up Desk

This is a Stand-Up Writing Desk in Cherry by our resident stand-up desk guru Paul Donio. This particular desk, like all of Donio’s stand-up desks, is custom made to be the perfect height for the customer. The desk can actually separate from the legs to make the desk more portable and allow work to be performed easily in multiple locations to suit the owner.

The style of the desk was originally intended for handwriting, but adapts to laptops, handhelds, and most other modern electronics so that any type of work can be accomplished.

A look with the lid open, revealing ample space to work, and drawers for storage.

A side view of the desk. The wood has been hand-rubbed with an all-natural oil finish and will darken in time, to look just right in any home-office, den, or library.

Lap Desk

In a perfect illustration of the diverse possibilities of the writing desk, we have Jefferson’s Lap Desk in Black Walnut by Pete Michelinie. This desk is a near-replica of the U.S. president’s famous custom desk. This little beauty can be taken anywhere with ease. It contains a surprisingly large fold-out writing surface and a nice little storage space suitable for papers, pens and, originally, an ink well.

Here you see it in its third arrangement, the one for padded writing.

Below you’ll see the second arrangement which is to prop up books or papers for reading.

And finally, here it is in it’s first arrangement, for transport.

2 thoughts on “Desks: Furniture for Writing While Standing, Sitting, or Traveling

  1. jeffrey Specht

    How much are the standing desks? What is the time to build it? I am trying to get one made for a General’s office.

    1. Richard Bissell

      Hi Jeffrey,
      Unfortunately Paul Donio, the craftsman who made that standing desk, passed away last fall. However, there are several other craftsmen who make a standing desk or stand up desk. Here are search result pages for each of these terms:
      Lead times will vary from one craftsman to the next but are generally at least several months and sometimes up to a year or more.


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