Desks: Countless Styles for Any Home or Office

The final entry in our desk collection series takes a look at a large variety of styles in sitting desks, generally for the purpose of writing and office work. It is truly amazing just how many different looks  are possible in a single type of furniture.

Two Gifts for Brothers

Desk in Cherry by Jason Breen

The first desk is one in a two-piece set. This design was created for two brothers as mutual Christmas gifts. Each of the desks has an identical base as a symbol of brotherhood, but a unique top designed by each brother to symbolize their differences.

This one is made entirely in cherry, and take note of the top portion, especially the center console.

Desk in Cherry and Oak by Jason Breen

Here is the other desk in the set. The center console is completely different, and the design of the upper sections takes on a unique shape. The added oak wood changes the color of the desk surface and drawer faces as well changes the appearance even further.

“The two desks are as different in design as they are similar – just like the two brothers,” said Breen about the finished product.

Writing Desk in Cherry, Maple and Beech by Chris Ericson

Featuring the distinct, delicate wooden features that frequent Ericson’s work, this writing desk is comprised of a variety of woods to really ramp up the style. The style includes the birdseye maple drawer face complete with an elegant slender pull.

This desk is light, and might otherwise be stoic if it weren’t for the popping figure and style elements. Ericson notes that he has a special enjoyment for making desks because “something in their weight seems to make them conducive to pleasurable work. This desk was built with that lightness in mind.”

This design can also be configured into a computer desk.

Secretaire in Maple by Paul Zenaty

Speaking of intricate details, this piece features 18 drawers, each with hand-cut dovetail joints. The frieze has delicate beads and a dovetailed case. All of those little drawers are a dream come true for those who love organization, and there is plenty of space for paperwork as well. There are even two hidden compartments. The Sheradon glass doors finish this amazing piece.

Like all of our makers’ work, this one suits multiple purposes in any home. It can be used as a desk, as a book shelf, and to display. Of course, the piece itself is worth display.

Another look, with the case shut.

Champlain Writing Desk in Walnut and Cherry by Dave Hurwitz

Sometimes the simplest of designs is the most beautiful. Take, for instance, this 8-foot long writing desk with walnut base and large writing surface made out of cherry.

Many of our furniture makers’ pieces are custom built, and this one is no exception. Hurwitz doesn’t often mix cherry and walnut in one piece, but the other furniture in the room where this desk was to be placed were mixed in this combination, so Hurwitz went outside the box and made this great desk.

A look with one of the drawers open.

Here’s a closer look at one of the drawers. The three drawers are cherry and feature stone pulls. The maple slides for the drawers are in a traditional Danish style, the slots of which are waxed.

Desks are such an essential piece of furniture for no end in purpose, function and form. If you’ve seen anything you like at all, no matter where you are our furniture makers would love to talk to you about your own vision for a custom piece made just for you. The best place to start is to check out our contact page and send a message to the furniture maker who made a piece that piqued your interest. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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