10 Most Popular Furniture Blog Posts of 2017

Every month our blog examines the styles, types, techniques and histories of some of the finest furniture made on Planet Earth.

Year after year, some of our blogs continue to capture the imaginations of readers interested in custom furniture, or aspiring to become furniture makers themselves. Sometimes, new blogs find their way into the top ten as well, and 2017 was no exception.

Take a look at what people were checking out throughout the year.

1. In the Studio with Erin Hanley, Fine Furniture Maker

Our most popular blog entry is from our “In the Studio” series, in which we explore the unique styles and personal histories of our furniture makers. Several of these features have earned spots in the top ten blogs of 2017, but at the very top is Burlington’s own Erin Hanley. Go, Erin!

2 So you want to be a furniture maker?

For almost nine years, the oldest blog post on the list has consistently been amongst the most popular blogs ever written. Month after month it gets view — now more than ever. Written by furniture maker Richard Bissell, the post is a look at what it really takes to become a furniture maker.

3 Banquettes and Built In Benches

The most popular blog in 2017 that is about a particular furniture type. One look at this blog and it is no wonder why. This post features a collection of some of the most beautiful benches you’ll ever see.

4 Thinking Upright: Era of the Standing Desk

Up next is our ode to the standing desk, a furniture style that has been around for a long time, but is finding ever greater popularity in the day and age of back pain and corporate wellness. Our custom standing desks are the perfect solution and here you can find out why.

5 The Greene Movement: Arts & Crafts Furniture by Vermont’s Finest Makers

In this blog post, we examine furniture made by Guild members who were inspired by the Greene and Greene architecture firm, namely in the Arts and Crafts style.

6 Furniture Know-How: How Does Wood Become “Figured”? It’s Complicated.

The newest blog post to appear in the top ten, this one was the third in a series examining the “figure” that results in finished custom furniture made. Figure is the culmination of the life experience of a tree, how it’s cut, and how it’s crafted into furniture. Sometimes, the end result can be dazzling. This blog post details what we know about how each distinct type of figure comes about.

7 Vermont Shaker: A Sampler from the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers

Shaker style is simple and elegant, and this blog post provides numerous examples of this beautiful style. Not surprising that this blog post continues to be in the top ten, years after being published. Who doesn’t want to feast their eyes on this timeless style again and again?

In the Studio with George Sawyer, Master of the Windsor Chair

One of our newer Guild members, George Sawyer, and his Windsor chairs are amongst the most popular topics on our blog. Learn about the heritage of the Sawyer Made Windsor chairs in all of their history and beauty, and find out why this one is the most read “In the Studio” features ever.

The Ancient History of the Sleigh Bed

Always popular in the winter time, our look at the long history (with plenty of beautiful examples) of the sleigh bed is an interesting one.

10. Outside the BoxL The Unique Box Set Collection of Erin Hanley

We begin and end this list with Erin Hanley. In the final entry in our top 10 of 2017, Erin makes the list a second time with her phenomenal box set collection. The beautiful, handcrafted boxes were on display at ART Manchester, and show Hanley’s skill on full display.

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