Outside the Box: The Unique Box Set Collection of Erin Hanley

The ART Manchester exhibits are in full swing, featuring members of the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers. Among many of the items displayed by our furniture makers – some of which were shown off in our last blog – is this gorgeous box set by Erin Hanley.

Below are some of the boxes that Hanley handcrafts at her studio in Burlington, Vermont. To check them out in real life and to see a whole lot more beautiful pieces, take a trip to ART Manchester.

Box 1: White Oak, Curly Maple & Leather Lining

The top has been carved and colored. These can be jewelry boxes, pocket boxes, stuff boxes, or stash boxes. An ideal heirloom for any family member.

Box 2: White Oak, Brass & Gold Mica Powder

A trip to the quirky museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris led to this piece. The excavated grain there inspired the scoring, texturizing, and wash of gold mica powder.

Box 3: White Oak and Walnut

This piece was inspired by an architectural element in a building designed by Louis Kahn. Hanley loved how he made a bridge to span a divide in a wall, so she incorporated that idea into this box.

Box 4: Rosewood, White Oak, Ebony & Graphite

The panel on the top is colored with graphite, and the inside features a leather lining.

Box 5: Madrone, Quarterswan Sycamore & Rosewood

This one also has a leather lining visible in the last of three pictures.

Box 6: Small Rosewood and Graphite

A smaller version of the previous Rosewood and graphite box.

Box 7: Oak and Gold Box

White Oak and Gold mica powder. Both are pictured here together.

The full collection!

See more furniture items and accessories by Erin Hanley. 


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