Valentine’s Day: Unique Furniture Gifts Celebrate Love

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we could not miss the opportunity to share how our Guild members help love birds around the world commemorate their love in a unique, timeless piece.

Our furniture makers shared stories about the loving couples with whom they have worked — and the unique items that were created as a result. From a perfumer’s table to a pair of “partner nightstands,” each piece celebrates a love story. Read on to be inspired. And, if you’re reading this and about to celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary, remember that it’s the wood anniversary! Hint, hint.

Perfumer’s Organ by Jason Breen

This perfumer’s organ by Jason Breen was a gift to a customer’s wife, a perfumer. She says of the gift: “For me, creating beautiful fragrances is an art form. I must have a work area that stimulates creativity while also allowing me to be highly organized and precise. My beloved perfume organ has been expertly designed and crafted by Jason with attention to all the details of my work. Its beautiful, curved cherry shelves and desk surround and envelop me as I work. When I am not working, I walk by my perfume organ and see a graceful, finely crafted piece of furniture.”

breen vday 2


Jewelry Cabinet by Dorset Custom Furniture

The only thing better than jewelry is this gorgeous mahogany jewelry cabinet by Dorset Custom Furniture. A Valentine’s Day gift in 2010, this piece features velvet drawer bottoms and a mirror inside. The piece now resides in the Vineyard, where its owner keeps safe all of her treasures.

Dorset vday 2


Blanket Box by Jas. Becker

Jim Becker crafted this large storage chest for his “Prayer Rug Collection.” All the dovetails are hand cut, and lengthy process with a beautiful payoff. It became a gift for a couple — George and Marie, whose initials are inlayed. It’s so big, Jim can sit in it, almost comfortably, with the top closed! The heart inlay is the perfect detail for a gift celebrating this loving couple.

Funny story: A few months after the chest was delivered, the lock was sticking. Jim called a friend of a friend — another furniture maker — who got inside the box with a flashlight to see what was wrong.  She was nervous getting into a locked box with an owner she had just met outside with the key. Ultimately, she switched the lock with another new one and all was fine!

George & Marie's Chest 2 copy

Dining Table Wedding Gift by Paul Donio

This beautiful dining room table by Paul Donio was delivered as a wedding gift to a couple in Boston. Like a scene out of Romeo and Juliet, the table had to be lifted up a ladder to the second floor of the balcony in order to get it through the window into the dining room. Thankfully, neither love, nor Paul have any limits when it comes to a piece like this.

Donio Vday 1

Partner Nightstands by Matthew Ogelby

Matthew Ogelby created two nightstands he calls “partner nightstands,” which were commissioned by a couple as an anniversary present to each other. They feature Pennsylvania cherry, Vermont-harvested curly maple drawer fronts and door panels, as well as, hand-turned drawer and door pulls, hand-cut dovetail drawers, and hardwood shiplapped back. Clearly, they’re soulmates.


Commission or Purchase Your Own “Gift of Love”

Contact a member. Please bear in mind, as with all of our hand-crafted furniture, that pieces can take time to build. If you need something more immediately, please take a look at our Available Now section.




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