Mother’s Day: Celebrating Mom With Handcrafted Furniture & Accessories

Mother’s Day is here and there’s no better way to celebrate mom than with a gift customized just for her. Some of our furniture makers have crafted such pieces.

First up is the Breakfast-in-Bed Tray by Matthew Ogelby. Ogelby made the tray for his wife to celebrate her first Mother’s Day. It has since been used for many a Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversary and birthday breakfast in bed.

The tray features live edge spalted maple sides and bleached ash.

Next up is this Birdseye Maple Jewelry Box by Pete Michelinie. It is designed by one of Pete’s fellow furniture makers, Charles Shackleton. The jewelry box features a removable compartment and lots of space for mom’s jewelry. The lid props open on hinges, has a lock, and accommodates your mother’s initials.

Birdseye Maple Jewelry Box

Perfect for the mother who reads or relaxes in the evening with a soft but room-filling light is the Dehiscent Pod Pendant Lamp by Mario Messina. This sculptural piece includes seed pods. Messina crafts each custom lamp to fit the specs of the specific room in which it will be used, so you can be sure it will be just right.

And perhaps to go with a lamp would be a nice comfy chair to sit in, like Lucy’s Chair by Charles Shackleton. This chair has hard-carved curls on the uprights and a sturdy classic looking mortise and tenon frame. It’s just right for relaxing or socializing.

For the mother who prefers to do some writing, this Concave Writing Desk in walnut and blistered maple by Bob Gasperetti is a great choice. The three maple drawers contrast the darker walnut frame and drawer pulls perfectly. The front is concave to make for a larger and more ergonomic writing surface.

Custom furniture takes time to make, but if you need something a little faster than that, our Available Now page might fit your needs. Here are a few nice pieces that are currently available.

This Yellow Table Lamp in Carved and Painted Poplar by Dave Hurwitz, is another great sculptural lamp option. You can use your own shade or go with the handmade one pictured, which has grass inclusions for a very cool effect.

Yellow Table Lamp - carved and painted poplar, by David Hurwitz Originals, Randolph, Vermont

And finally is this gorgeous Plum Pudding Pie Crust Tea Table by Pete Michelinie. The “plum pudding” comes from the type of mahogany used throughout the piece. The top has a brace that hinges to 90 degrees when in use. This was a very difficult piece to make, and with a very beautiful piece of wood, but it turned out just amazing and would make a phenomenal gift.

Treat mom to an heirloom piece that she can treasure for years to come. Start planning now for next year to get exactly what you need. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!



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