The Fusion of Music and Furniture

Having the right set up for your music equipment, whether instruments or stereo system is almost as important as the equipment itself. Comfort, ergonomics for proper viewing and playing, and having a custom build just right for you are all important. And when listening to music on a stereo, don’t overlook where your equipment is installed. It needs to be kept clean, cool, organized and, of course, it needs to look good with the rest of the room it’s in.

Our furniture makers have created many great custom pieces made for music lovers, and they can make custom pieces like these (and more) for you, too. Here are just a few to be inspired by.

Below you’ll see a walnut and curly maple music stand and bench by Bob Gasperetti. It features a black leather cushioned bench. While most of the items here are for use with electronic audio equipment, this piece is for the performer. The music stand changes height and angle to fit the musician’s unique needs, and the seat allows for both the vocalist and the accompanist to perform together. Perfect for holidays and every musical occasion in your music room.

Next up is a stereo cabinet in cherry by Pete Novick, perfectly crafted to fit your stereo equipment. The cabinet is deeper set than typical to accommodate all sizes of stereos and their components, and the back is open for temperature control. You’ll notice the joints that attach the piece are of a distinctive style that add both strength and elegance.

This is another Gasparetti piece — his classic armoire design in cherry. This time, however, it has been modified to be used with audio equipment. The “chimney vents” in the back allow for electrical cords to pass into the body of the piece and help keep the equipment cool. It can hold your other musical necessities, like albums in the compartments at the bottom and includes drawers for headphones, mics, or anything else your musical heart desires.

Next is a cherry huntboard/sideboard by Timothy Clark. This sideboard features a worn milk paint finish that allows the cherry to peak through, creating highlights in the finish.


In a different style is Doug Clarner‘s Cabot Tower, a 6 1/2 foot tall cherry media cabinet. This piece fits perfectly where others might not, but still has plenty of space to hold your music (or other media) equipment. And, better yet, this one was made from reclaimed wood.

Another one perfect for a unique set up is this walnut and spalted beech console by Ray Finan. The open shelf is adjustable to accommodate a variety of electronics.

Finally is this beautiful cherry media cabinet by John Lomas from his Pinnacle Collection. Spacious, and perfect as a center piece, this could house your stereo, your music collection and could double as an entertainment center. It features water glass door panels and Wenge detailing.


Those are just a few pieces to get the ideas flowing for your own music space, each one perfect for just the right room. Like our musical preferences, no two pieces need to be the same, so consider what you might want to perfect your own collection.





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