Folding Room Screen with Geometric Wood Inlays

Dorset Custom Furniture
of Dorset, VT

Here’s a new thing we’re doing. This piece was made for a client who travels extensively and has accumulated a substantial collection of African, Asian and Oceanic pieces. This screen was designed to cover “shelves of ugly old books” in her dining room and was derived from some painted wood burnings I have done recently.  We had intended to wash paint the individual woods, but once we saw it assembled, unfinished, we canned the paint and went with a natural finish. It was a complicated and time consuming but rewarding piece.  We are now using what we learned on this to create small accent panels for doors and tabletops that are just as fun, but less time consuming. Basically, if you can sketch it, we can assemble it into a panel… The back is paneled also, but with a simple, (relatively), painted pine herringbone pattern.  We’re happy to take creative input on how to employ this technology…

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Dimensions: 6' x 6'

Price: Price on Request

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