A Poker Player’s Dream Board

Fine furniture makers love it when customers have fun and unique ideas for what they want. It makes for a fun project that turns into a customer’s one of a kind dream come true.

A recent blog post by furniture maker John Lomas featured just such a project and was published on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, and featured below.

A Poker Player’s Dream Board

“The board looks FANTASTIC,” says Rodrigo in Florida, as he gets ready for poker night with his friends. The board’s outer ring is made from Sapele with half-round chip slots cut around the circumference. The slots are stopped with contrasting Maple plugs. The playing surface is a beautiful turquoise leather.

It’s great fun breaking out of my usual handmade furniture routine to make something totally different. This project would not have been possible without the help of from my friends at Stark Mountain Woodwork. Is there a unique project you have been dreaming about? Together, let’s make that dream a reality!

Rodrigo prepares the board for its debut.


Sapele, Maple and leather playing surface.


Sapele and Maple poker board with leather playing surface.

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