Remembering Furniture Maker Richard Haver and His Work

This past month we learned of the passing of Guild member Richard (Rick) Haver on August 23, 2018. We will remember Rick for his charming personality, friendly demeanor, and beautiful artistry.

According to his obituary in the Seven Days:

“Rick was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., on March 3, 1948, the son of Michael and Anna Haver. Rick grew up in Pittsburgh, where he enjoyed the life of a football hero in high school. He went on to attend Columbia University, the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Rochester, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in philosophy, mathematics and information science.”

Although Rick worked in library services until his retirement, in 2001 he began working full time as a furniture maker, which he continued to do until his passing. During his time as a furniture maker, Rick made a host of amazing pieces. What better way to honor his legacy than by appreciating some of his recent work.

Hall Tables

Torii Table

Based on the large torii gates at Japanese Shinto shrines that mark the point between the sacred and the profane.

Sapele Floating Top Hall Table

Pommele and straight-grain sapele with a “floating top.”

Lamp Tables

Cherry Lamp Table with Knees

Tight-grained mottled cherry sunburst top with a black bead on the apron. Flared legs with knees.

Swiss Pear Burl/Maple Table

Swiss Pear Burl center panel and maple lamp table.

Demilune Tables

Bubinga/Maple Crescent Table

Quilted bubinga top with maple edging and painted maple apron and legs.

French and American Walnut Demilune

Demilune table with curly French walnut half sunburst and American black walnut trim and legs.

Two Bonus Pieces

Cherry Boat Table

Cherry top and base with painted poplar supports.

“Time Warp” Clock

22″ ropey cherry clock.


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