The Shape of Furniture: The Demilune Table

The shape of a piece of furniture is one the most important aspects of its appearance, profile and functionality. Sometimes, that perfect shape is the “demilune.” A demilune is a term for a crescent or half-circle shape, and the word comes from the French demi-lune, which means literally “half-moon.” Sometimes, for example, a narrow table is required for a hallway, or similar long but narrow space. In the many beautiful pieces of demilune furniture you’ll see below, you’ll see the crescent shape also makes for a gorgeous piece of furniture.

Quilted Bubinga-Maple Crescent Table

By Richard Haver

This demilune table can serve as either a sofa or hall table and features a figured bubinga central field which is framed by hard maple edging. The color contrast creates a beautiful and striking visage. In the pictured version of this table, the base is painted but can also be done in clear-finished maple, making it more closely resemble the frame of the table top.

Below is the detail of the bubinga figure in the table top. The phenomenal quilted figure makes for a 3D illusion that will draw in anyone that sees it.

Demi-Lune Side Tables

By John Lomas

This pair of custom demilune tables are designed as side tables. The wood is a mid-stained Mahogany. This drawer fronts are Quilted Makore, a similar figure to the above hall table. Each table features a pair of three-sided drawers that pivot out for storage.

Demi Lune Table in Cherry

By Bob Gasperetti

This maple and cherry demilune table features a burl inlay and a cherry burl pull. It has a single drawer with dovetail joinery centered between two of the legs. Simple and elegant.


Low Bubinga Demilune

By Richard Haver

This is a low end table, an ideal companion for a sofa or easy chair. This one features stylized Queen Anne legs.


 Marble-Like Demilune Table

By Paul Zenaty

This beautiful piece has a gravity to it that will have everyone who enters your home talking about it.

Zenaty himself describes it best:

“The top has a lemonwood sand etched fan center w/ ebonized border. This then is surrounded by a marble like flare cut, book matched Olive Elm Burl. A semicircular banding of lemonwood is then bound by a vertical grain Sapele Mahogany Lip. The skirt panels are Olive Elm Burl bounded by lemonwood banding then surrounded by a Sapele Mahogany border. The legs also have lemonwood banding with a descending bell marquetry. This is the closest you will come to having a Marble-like piece of furniture in your home. The dovetailed drawer gives an elegant place to put your keys and wallet in a hall or entryway.”



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