Furniture of Love

Whether for a holiday, birthday, anniversary or just whenever, furniture is one of the best romantic gifts out there. And when it comes to furniture, our makers are the best. When we asked for some examples of furniture ideal for romantic gifts, we received some great examples. Take a look!

Jim Becker

When Jim Becker was approached with an image for a blanket box for his wife Marie, the request was that it be super-sized. At nearly 6 feet long, the below Blanket Chest was the result. So large that a person can lay inside, the chest was inlayed with the initials for its owners and a heart symbolizing the love they share.

Steve Robinson

When he was a kid, Guild member Steve Robinson use to do odd jobs like lawn mowing for his neighbor. Over the years they remained friends, and his one time neighbor is now in his 90’s. When the man’s wife, named Rose, passed away, the man requested the furniture maker to make an urn for him.

“It was a complete honor to make a urn for his sweet heart,” Robinson said. In honor of the love the couple shared, Robinson carved the below Rose into the urn as a memento of the love the longtime couple shared and the man keeps it close to him at all times. “It’s a sad story but it was so gratifying and priceless to see his eyes when he first saw the urn.”

Erin Hanley

Perhaps nothing comes to mind when thinking about furniture made for a gift of love than a jewelry box. And one of our most prolific box-makers, Erin Hanley, has a lot of beautiful examples to look at.

The first example is near and dear to Hanley herself.  This box was made in celebration of her husband’s 50th birthday. The box features a silver map of an island on the outside, and a small plaque in the middle that came from a box of her husband’s grandfather that had fallen to pieces. The plaque was used as a jumping off point to build the new mahogany box and sycamore box around it. “These kinds of handcrafted pieces are the perfect way to celebrate someone you love,” Hanley says.


A look at another box.


The below rosewood jewelry box was purchased as a fifth anniversary gift, wood being the traditional gift material. When going with the traditional wooden option, we think that nothing is better than a custom made furniture item like this box. The husband mailed it to the inn where the couple was celebrating their anniversary as a surprise and it did the trick. “She loved it!” he reported back to Hanley after the successful celebration.

This rosewood box features a lid textured and colored to look like graphite, and a burgundy leather interior.

Two more beautiful boxes.

Bob Gasperetti

Another master of the jewelry box is furniture maker Bob Gasparetti. Here are some recent creations of his that would make great romantic gifts.







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