Custom Lamps: Furniture You May Not Have Thought Of

When we think of fine, handcrafted furniture, we tend to think about the bigger items like tables, chairs, desks and so on. Custom furniture can take many forms though, including lighting options. In fact, some of our furniture makers have made some amazing lamps in a huge variety of styles. The lamps perfectly show off high quality, handmade furniture craftsmenship.

Take a look at some of the lamps from a few of our furniture makers below.

Table Lamp by Dave Hurwitz

First up is this award-winning table lamp by Dave Hurwitz. This lamp won an award in the 2011 Vermont Fine Furniture and Wood Products Design Competition, and it’s easy to see why.

Simple and elegant, with the hand-carved features for which Hurwitz is known. This piece is made from certified sustainably-harvested cherry and finished with hand-rubbed Danish oil. Hurwitz offers this piece in other woods and natural finished or painted versions, too. It is designed to be offered with or without the shade in case you have a special shade in mind already just waiting for the perfect lamp.

Ruffle Floor Lamp by Charles Shackleton

Another example of simple elegance is this Ruffle Floor Lamp by Charles Shackleton. The column and thumbnail base are hand-turned and there’s a ruffle at the top, not shown here, that is hand-carved. The fittings are solid brass, and the lamp is fitted for a three-way switch to allow for more lighting options.

Ammonite Sculptural Lamp by Mario Messina

The rest of the lamps in this feature are made by Mario Messina, our most prolific lamp-maker. He has an amazing, artistic, and intricate style for lamp-making which results in some of the most beautiful lamps you will ever see.

“This sculptural light is inspired by the beautiful spiral form of an Ammonite fossil that I’ve used as the point of origin,” Messina says, “the foundational core on which to build a laminated spiral armature of bent wood to which I apply layers of hand made paper with archival glue. The outer spiral frame is a golden spiral or Fibonacci spiral that I form using tapered laminations of wood and a unique bending technique that I developed that allows me to form graceful and delicate curves and spirals that are not possible by conventional clamps and forms. Over this spiral I lash heat bent wooden ribs that progressively grow in volume to form the skeletal structure for the paper shell.”

The lamp is made from hickory, and from ammonite fossil itself, along with paper, nylon cord and brass parts for the pieces where electricity flows.

Blossom Floor Lamp by Mario Messina

Continuing what is a trend in inspiration from nature, next is Messina’s Blossom Lamp. This floor lamp features beautiful, natural curves with a flower blossom-styled shade.

Custom Cairn Lamp by Mario Messina

This lamp is an example of a series of Cairn Lamps, each of which is unique, numbered, and signed by Messina. He has some already made that are currently for sale, but they can be made to order as well.

“Each Cairn Lamp is a one of a kind sculptural composition of beach or river stones that form the base and hub from which the bent wood armature is joined,” Messina says. “The organic shape of these lamps is evocative of a sense of place, shelter, and warmth.”

The paper of the shade is are handmade from Asia. The frame is lashed with sailing twine, and the paper reinforced with the same twine. The light socket is solid brass, and features a pull chain.


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