Furniture Makes a Great Gift: Holiday Season is Closer Than You Think

Furniture makes the perfect holiday gift idea — whether it’s an heirloom to hand down across generations, a new piece to change the face of the space at home, or first-time furniture to fill a new home.

If you waited too long to work with your local Vermont furniture maker for the perfect custom made gift, worry not! Below are just a few featured items that have already been perfectly crafted and are currently available for purchase.

Furniture Finds: Tasteful Tables

Live Edge Hall/Sofa Table by Bob Gasperetti

Trillium Coffee Table by Eric Sprenger

Butterfly Table – End Table in Carved Vermont Slate and Cherry by David Hurwitz A collaboration with Vermont sculptor Kerry O. Furlani

Spalted Maple & Wenge Hall Table by Ray Finan

Japanese-Style Tea Table (Chabudai) by Pete Novick

Furniture Finds: Splendid Seating

Waltham Bench with Thin Crest Rail by Timothy Clark

Lucy’s Loveseat by Charles Shackleton

Furniture Finds: Consoles and Desks

Cherry and Bubinga Console with Curly Maple Line Borders by Dan Mosheim

Standing Desk for Mr. Paine by Jim Becker

Walnut Desk by Jason Breen

Furniture Finds: Unique Home Accessories

Shaker Coat Rack by Pete Michelinie

Remember, these aren’t the only examples of our Guild members’ beautiful and currently available furniture items. Take a look at our Available Now section for more.

Many of our members also have currently available items featured on their own web pages that won’t be found here. So if you like someone’s style, check out their page and drop them a line to see what’s currently available. As always, our furniture makers do custom builds as well, so be sure to ask when you could get something custom built.


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