Sleigh Bed: Two Bedroom Sets from Vermont Furniture Maker Jim Becker

This blog article was originally published on May 24, 2017 by furniture maker and Guild member Jim Becker on the Jas. Becker Cabinetmaker blog. Click here to find the original article.

Not one but two Sleigh Beds were ordered this past year,  both by the same customer, one of my best. I’d been wanting to build one for 30 years. Kurt makes me work, drawing several possibilities before making a choice of designs, but the results made everyone happy! The two bedrooms required chests of drawers and nightstands as well. The designs were radically different, one an unusually high contemporary design(a trundle bed fits beneath).  The other is a more traditional design though its matching bedroom suite is anything but traditional:


The contemporary sleigh bed is cherry and maple, the more traditional sleigh bed and bedroom suite is constructed of butternut. Cherry and maple are quite hard woods and suitable for the boy’s bedroom and rugged treatment. Butternut is one of the softest “hardwoods” and was chosen, in this case, for its beautiful soft brown color.

The rest of the butternut bedroom suite is pictured below and includes two 3-drawer night stand chests, a lingerie chest and a long low chest of drawers.



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