Giving Back: Furniture Makers Use Art for Good

One of the great joys of being an artist is when you can give back to your community through your art. Helping people by creating something original and beautiful is a pure expression of good. It’s no surprise that many of our furniture makers like to give back. Here are just a few of the projects our members have made to benefit a great cause or individual.

Bob Gasperetti

First up is Bob Gasperetti’s maple side table. It’s crafted from sugar-tapped maple, meaning the wood has holes from being tapped for maple sap built into its design. The holes are filled in with clear epoxy so you can still see through them, but they don’t interrupt the surface of the table. Continuing the theme, the drawer pull is a vintage tap to finish the piece in style.

The table raised more than double its retail value in fundraising for the The Danby-Mount Tabor Veterans’ Memorial in a raffle by Danby-Mount Tabor NOW.  bob g feb 2017

Steve Robinson

Next is Steve Robinson‘s red oak hall table, donated to the family of Andy Leclaire, who recently passed away from ALS. Andy’s story can be read in the Brattleboro Reformer.

Before Leclaire became immobile, he gave Robinson some red oak to make into furniture. Leclaire had always wanted to build a hall table for his wife, and Robinson offered to make it for them. One day last year, Robinson delivered the table to Leclaire’s wife, who was not aware it was even being made. “It brought tears to my eyes seeing the love that he and his wife shared,” Robinson said, “…giving back like that is the best feeling a person could have.”

steve r feb3steve r feb1steve r feb2

Ray Finan

Finally, we have Ray Finan‘s walnut cupboard. This beautiful piece was part of a fundraising raffle for the Pawlet Historical Society. For three years, Finan has made a piece for the raffle, and on two of those occasions the wood used to make the donated piece was also donated to Finan by Pawlet Historical Society members.

Every Sunday throughout the summer, raffle tickets sell for Finan’s work on behalf of the Society at the Dorset Farmers Market. The goal is to raise money for the restoration and maintenance of historic dwellings in the Pawlet community. So far, nearly $8,000 has been raised toward keeping historic small-town Vermont dwellings in great shape! In the summer of 2017, Finan will have another piece up for raffle. We can’t wait to see it and grab a raffle ticket! Ray finan feb 2017



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