Diamond in the Rough: Crafting Unique Furniture From Unusual Woods

Often, the most unique and rare specimens of wood turn into the most beautiful and rare types of furniture at the hands of a skilled craftsman. Finding the perfect wood for that just-so piece can give you a one-of-a-kind piece that will have your guests talking about your furniture for years to come –and make for a perfect heirloom.

Woods with defined character, like curly maple, offer the most sought after woods for beautiful furniture. But every now and again, some wood comes along that defies definition at all. We asked our furniture makers if they have any examples of totally unique examples of wood, and we got some great samples for you to check out!

First up is this unique cherry from Richard Bissell. He came to call it “speckled cherry” for lack of any names that already existed for it. The best we could get for a description is when David Boynton said that it “…looks like that cherry tree may have had a little fling with a red oak.” One thing is for sure, though, Bissell said he hasn’t seen anything quite like it before or since.


Chip Ogg thought he may have a similar piece of wood that he dubs “bark infused” cherry. The influence of the bark in the wood itself creates a unique and rare character.


Next, comes from Dave Boynton, who showed us this unique sample of “flame birch” that counted amongst the most figured of woods with which Boynton has ever worked. This was discovered, already felled, by a forester friend of Boynton’s. If it had gone too much longer it would have been unusable, so he got it just in time. First is the wood, and then a table from which a portion of the wood was used.


dave-boynton-uw1Dan Mosheim shared with us the following piece, which he loved so much he had to put it in his own home. He described the wood as having a glow, even at night, that can’t be photographed. When a rare wood comes along that has this glow, it just needs to be seen in person to believed, but the pictures look pretty darn beautiful, too.


Also from Mosheim is this large claro walnut table top with a crazy amount of character.


Lastly from Mosheim is a sampling of wood in his “Wood Too Good To Use” section, but we have it on good authority that despite the title, he is looking for the right customer and the right project to pair this beautiful sample of quilted cherry. Click here if you’re interested.




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  1. dan mosheim

    just a shout out here for my two main wood suppliers … goodhope hardwoods in kemblesville, pa, for the big claro wlanut slabs and irion lumber in wellsboro, pa for all the rest … top of the heap for quality wood …


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