Still Life Inspiration

Master Furniture Makers have a tough job. Tasked with achieving excellence in both form and function, original and custom works must be absolutely beautiful, heirloom-quality and able to fulfill their purpose inside the home. In mastering function, our work is bedded in reverence for American craft heritage, employing both traditional building techniques and a willingness to innovate where we think we can add to the conversation.

Because we work with our hands in an age where speed trumps quality and mass production floods our marketplace, our studio produced furniture is a testament to the value of a deliberate, conscientious approach to work, and a celebration of the creative process.

In our pursuit of beauty, we’re open to ideas and inspiration in everyday and unexpected places. In nature, in print, and in art created by icons, of course, and by our friends. Today, we’re poring over the photography of American artist Johnny Miller. Who knows what it’ll be tomorrow.

Still Life, Johnny Miller Photography (

If you’re looking for a creativity booster, a browse through Miller’s work might do the trick. And if you have an extra minute or two, please share what you’ve got cooking, playing, or showing in your creative space! What are your favorite places to go when you want to be inspired?

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