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Almost everyone is a collector of something. Maybe it’s purposeful, maybe it’s not. But when we do set out in pursuit of a particular object or theme, it can be deeply rewarding. It can mean a celebration of beauty, sparked by that infamous little thrill of the hunt. It can be an act of preservation, curating personal artifacts to tell our stories, communicate values, and make our histories tangible. And it seems like even the most casual quest to collect brings a bit order with it; and maybe a glimmer of permanence.

charlie collectors cabinet (1 of 1)

Among our membership, you’ll find a serious group of gatherers. Furniture makers who collect books and art and objects from nature. Craftsmen who collect remarkable or emotionally significant pieces of wood, and antique tools and machinery. (Someday we’ll blog about the equipment that keeps the shops rolling; American-made, from a bygone era). And in many studios, there’s an area — maybe by a window or a workbench — where a collection of meaningful, symbolic items are on display, reminding the maker of his or her journey as an artist and student of a time-honored craft.

erin b detail shelf (1 of 1) (2)

tools and bench tim shopGasperettiShop3a

pomfret (2 of 2)

It may sound a bit Wordsworthian, but they really are a romantic bunch; craftsmen who understand the significance of personal artifacts and the power of individual expression. So they design custom pieces to amplify the things that are meaningful to their clients. We know you can buy a bookshelf anywhere. It’s when you want to see something longer lasting and tailored to your specific vision that you come to a shop like ours.

Dorest Custom Furniture Case for a Private Collection


Whether a beautiful box for a single treasure or a full on library for a vast collection, we invite you (okay, we dare you!) to begin a conversation about the things you care about, and how you want to keep them and enjoy them in your life. Our promise is to deliver the best and the most beautiful. Because we think you deserve it.

From Top to Bottom:

Charlie Shackleton testing out a collection of Miranda’s favorite pieces in a display cabinet crafted in their Bridgewater shop; Erin Hanley’s Burlington VT Studio; Workbench and memorabilia at Tim Clark’s in Waltham; A fraction of Bob Gasperetti’s wood collection, at his shop in Mount Tabor; Studio snap of Josh Metcalf’s hand tools at his shop in Pomfret; Custom Collectors Wall from the guys at Dorset Custom Furniture; Detail of ShackletonThomas Collectors Cabinet with Cassidy Metcalf’s mini “Blue Sky” beakers; Shelfie from our blogger, Kate. 



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