Winter Weary? Add Color

It might be a little early for cabin fever but not for the winter doldrums. Rain, Snow, Ice, Mud—it’s been a dreary month in Vermont. What to do? Plan a sun-drenched getaway, count the days ‘til spring or help yourself to a handmade dash of color. In his Randolph workshop, Guild of Vermont Furniture Maker’s Member Dave Hurwitz makes original, hand-crafted furniture and home accessories. His award-winning Taffy Mirrors were the first object to mind when color was the question. The blue is an homage to late 50’s design. Sustainably harvested Vermont Sugar Maple rimmed in a turquoise inspired by a mid-century kitchen set—his grandparent’s, in fact.

modern mirror adds splash of color to home

At right the same FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Maple, shocked with a splash of serious lime. The mirrors feature spline-reinforced miter joints anchoring hand-carved and custom finished hardwood around ¼” inch thick glass.

And for color, curves and contrast check out Walnut with its chartreuse green (below left). The light and dark streaking of the wood contrasts with the hand-carving to reinforce the playfulness and buoyancy of the piece.

Custom Home Accessories Made in America

And the last one says SUNSHINE! Vermont grown FSC sugar maple with yellow paint (above right). One of Hurwitz’ Taffy Mirrors in these bright custom colors will yield a daily dose of retro fun.

Retro Funky Custom Clock

And speaking of fun… If you are at all nostalgic for this period of pop culture, you won’t forget the Flintstones. The clock above, called ‘Fred & Wilma,’ is carved Poplar, paint and graphite. The one below, aptly ‘Barney & Betty,’ is the same Poplar and burnished finish, but with a marbleized dial. First time online! This one measures 7.5″ h x 18″ w x 5.5″ d and the ‘Fred & Wilma,’ 9″ h x 15″ W x 5.5″ d. Dave can design and build a unique, contemporary mantle or standing clock in any custom size, color and finish. Make sure to look at his other work.

custom funky retro clock by Vermont studio maker

American poet Robert Francis once wrote that “winter uses all the blues there are.” We feel lucky there were a few left over for Hurwitz. An artist passionate about big hues and mid-century design, Dave shared a photo of his first ‘studio’ truck. A 1964 Ford F-100 Longbed Pick-Up, now part of his ‘nostalgia’ collection.

Vintage 1960's Ford Pickup

So here’s to sunny days and keeping that color alive! See more of Dave’s work on our website. His mirrors, clocks and lamps are collected under ‘accessories‘ and ‘available now.’ A broader collection of his furniture can be found on his ‘portfolio‘ page.

Mirror Photography by Jack Rowell, Jack Rowell Photography


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