While I Was Working

Below is something I posted to my Dorset Custom Furniture blog on Thursday. Here on the Guild blog, I thought it would be interesting if other Guild members added their images to this post … It’s always interesting to me to see what other artists do with their (and sometimes my) scraps … Click the photos to enlarge them …

A James Montague Sculpture made from stuff in my scrap box

From my blog … ‘I have always wanted to do a little show of stuff that happens while I’m working … Not of the stuff I make intentionally, but of the scraps, side effects and by-products of the stuff that I’m making. The unexpected interesting little visual bonuses . Will was planing some edge inlay last Friday and handed me a little piece of the shavings that came off the hand plane and it made me think of that show concept again. Somewhere, I have a cardboard box of stuff I’ve saved, waiting for the show to happen, but today I couldn’t find it …. In the meantime, I looked around the shop a bit and there were plenty of items there in plain sight, accumulated over the years … decorations with a story …. ‘

Metal drill chip and cherry/walnut edge curl …. Click to the photos to enlarge them

Offcuts of tapered table legs and a bowl on the sawdust shed
The shape over the door of the finishing room is the plywood left after we cut two 32 x 64 1/2 circle mockup parts for a table we were building

The table mockup mentioned above

The bird on the porch … more scraps from tapered bench legs …
Don’t try this at home
I leave you with the shape over the red arow to the left of the door … I plucked it out of the scrap pile to the left ….

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