Turning Bowls

OK, I’m going officially crazy. For two nights now I have been trying to manipulate these photos into a different order. Anyway I give up.But I did have two glasses of wine tonight and things are looking up, last night I accidentally deleted the whole lot and gave up in disgust.(Any Clues?)

I guess I’m more of an impresario than a furniture maker, but I can’t tell you the pleasure I have got over the last 22 years creating a place where things get made by our own hands out of natural raw wood,mostly simple functional things which have a story to tell about what their makers love in life. Of all the things we have done in our workshop, and we don’t specialize in very fancy or clever things, these bowls are my complete and absolute favorite.

Very simple organic shapes made from raw green maple logs out of the local woods dumped in the parking lot. Then carved up with a chainsaw, screwed onto a lathe, and reams of freshly made pasta comes streaming away from the bowl. Within two or three hours a beautiful simple turned bowl, which when turned very thinly, over the next few days, as it dries,transforms itself into the most wonderful ovaloid natural uneven shapes. There’s something about the transformation from the raw log to the refined but distorted natural shape and the wonderful smell of green wood being sawn and turned.

What most inspired me to write this was to watch Chris, our youngest furniture maker, get totally hooked on doing this, and seeing his passion and enthusiasm for learning to create these “things” over the last month.It reminded me of when I was 23 starting out and to remind myself(at the age of 50) to keep doing those things that most inspire me.

I wish I was a better writer and could write as short as I pronounced to be the ideal…oops..sorry Randy…but you won’t read this anyway right?? Hellloooooooooo…any body out there???????


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  1. Dorset Custom Furniture

    Hi Charley … Thanks for the words on making stuff. You’re right on. I’m finding that inspiring the next generation of woodworkers (I have my son and his friend Trevor, both 24, working with me, both getting the bug and doing spectacular work), is the latest “thing” I’m making. It is amazing to see. Try this for manipulating the pictures …
    Write everything first.
    Leave spaces where you want the pictures.
    Upload all the pictures.
    Click on the picture you want to move and highlight it.
    ‘Drag’ it with your cursor to where you want it and let it go.
    Regroup and repeat and then go back and delete the unnecessary spaces in your entry that result from moving stuff around. It wil be frustrating at first and then it will become part of the process, kind of like sanding …
    call me if you want …dan


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