The Art of Making Furniture

Well, its 1.25am in the morning and My wifes 50th birthday began about 1 and 1/2 hours ago and we just got home having celebrated with a bottle of champagne and I have just signed on to this blog which is the first time in my life on such a thing. I am desperately trying to think of something very deep and important to say about furniture making. I am very proud and grateful to Josh for starting to do this. If this comment is going to be published in the New York Times(the only place I have ever read a blog) I would like to mention, and I think you will glean from the aforementioned facts, that we are the remnants of a culktural revolution started in the late 1960’s That believes in returning to the land of making, and the making of beautiful, functional and artistic artifacts out of natural and organic materials. I think I better go to bed. Lets hope this does not evict me from the
esteemed art of blogging. I promise to write something more important and much more serious at a later date.


4 thoughts on “The Art of Making Furniture

  1. Charles Shackleton

    well, that could be called starting very early. The tough part was that I had promised to cook her a great breakfast and go skiing. some of that didnt happen. For some reason the posting time says 10.47, but it was actually 1.27. all very fascinating.

  2. Dorset Custom Furniture

    what does a computer look like at 1:27 in the morning ?? I mean, wtf? that’s late for computing Charley. But, good job getting at it. To answer your question, 1:27/10:27 is blog central time … it’s never when you think it is. Also, if it’s 1:27 in the moring people won’t think you were up late writing and think instead you did it while you were waiting for John Stuart to come on, but watch out for the 6:00 am posts, then people REALLY think you’re nuts… dan


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