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I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the 20 or so woodworkers in the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers who are new to the blogosphere and encourage them to get started. I have been posting to my blog since November of 2007 and it has been really interesting … It has provided me with insight into my craft and it’s methods, created a visual and verbal record of our processes and production techniques way deeper than any protfolio or website can ever do, linked me to people, literally, all over the world, and introduced me to a new hobby, writing. Like any hobby, you’ve got to give it some time before you get comfortable with it. You also have to get the hang of putting stuff up here and moving it around, creating links, etc., which will take you a minute. But, like anything, it’s nothing a ten year old can’t do with 10 years of practice, so, have at it. I write about a lot of stuff, but mostly, my blog is to communicate with my customers the progress we’re making on their projects so that they’re willing to send me more money and correct me where I’ve gone astray. (This happens). If you follow the link above to my blog, you will see other links to some of my favorite posts and from there you can just scroll around and see what’s up in my world. Or if you want, just ramble on like Charley, but it’s probably best to do it before the champagne.

Here are some other examples:
techniques: Turning Brass on a Woodturning Lathe
off topic: John Updike Has Left The Building
styles: A Greene and Greene Style Sideboard
interesting comments from readers (scroll to the bottom): ‘lurch’ … he’s actually sent me the pictures … and from Steve Balmer .. scroll down and click on Steve Ballmer Said he hasn’t bought any furniture yet, but ….

I haven’t had a huge ton of success getting people to leave comments, but if we set an example by leaving some under people’s posts like Steve did for Charley, eventually, people will, as they say “chime in” …. carpe diem … dan

For more information about Dan Mosheim and Dorset Custom Furniture check out our website at http://www.dorsetcustomfurniture.com/


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