Custom Cherry Flytying Desk

Dorset Custom Furniture
of Dorset, VT

OK…..Here’s a specialty item…..This client is an avid fly fisherman and an excellent flytier. This is the second work area we’ve made for him, and each time we add some new bells and whistles. We have rod and reel storage to the right, supplies and sliding trays in the drawers, and book and photo display shelves above. The chair is nice, as it gives you a place to rest your elbows while you’re tying…..The wood was cut on the clients land and dried locally; the detailing evolved from the original project we did for him at his home in New York City. In this same room we also built a home office/bookshelves/stereo center/ for two. For photos of that visit and head to the second page of the ‘miscellaneous’ section.

Dimensions: 8' wide x 8' high x 32" deep

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