Quarter view of a cabinet on stand in hickory with walnut accents

Cabinet on Stand

Head on view of a cabinet on stand with the cabinet open showing the inside drawers and shelves. Detail shot of a cabinet on stand showing the drawers inside the cabinet and the joinery of the piece.

Eric Diven - Long Walk Woodworking
of West Fairlee

The cabinet on stand is a form perhaps best associated with the works of James Krenov. Decorative and functional, pieces in his style often display subtle lines and highlight the natural beauty of the material.

No specific piece of Krenov’s directly inspired my interpretation of the form. Instead, I took inspiration from a wide range of work across his career. I worked within the general proportions of his examples, remaining true to the techniques and materials typical of his work.

I build this cabinet on stand to feature bookmatched veneer on the curved door. The curve from the cabinet continues into the stand and the drawer that sits below the cabinet. I carefully selected and cut to subtly echo the curve through the height of the piece. While the form is contemporary, traditional construction and hand work feature throughout.

The primary wood is hickory in a range of tones from the rich palette on offer. The drawer fronts are walnut, with the darker brown providing contrast.

Dimensions: 60" high, 17" wide, 8" deep

Price: $5,200

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