A Fresh Perspective & Valentine’s Day

Every once in a while, we like to present our work with a fresh perspective. Sometimes we get to exhibit in a location that inspires a bit of self-reflection, like in the company of other works of art and craft. Thinking of “Source,” a show we did in 2013 at Stowe’s Helen Day Art Center; of group and solo exhibits at Frog Hollow, of “State of Craft” in 2010, when some of us showed at the Bennington Museum. Sometimes we’ve shown in symbolic venues, like this summer, for instance, at the Vermont statehouse. A show is a little bit about the work, yes, but a lot about passion.

We’re passionate about what we do. Passionate for the craft. It’s not an easy road by any stretch, being a fine furniture maker. Ask any artist. There are no sick days. No 401ks. No fat bonus packages. We do this work because we love it. And because our clients value and appreciate the things we can make for them. So consider today’s post a love note, and a thank you. We’re treating ourselves to a fresh perspective.

From our snowbound studios in Vermont, we wish you Happy Valentine’s Day. May it be a day to signify a year filled with simple, wonderful things. Good work, good food, good company. Plenty of love, and beauty.


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