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While it may seem hard to believe, we’re kind of fond of November. Wood is split and stacked, ski resorts open, and Thanksgiving celebrations brings our far flung families back together. Of course, folks start their holiday shopping this month so we’re offering up a couple of recent initiatives, shop small and American made…

Nov. 29’s Small Business Saturday has gained traction as a national event that reinforces the financial and cultural importance of supporting local business. Every dollar you spend at an independently owned shop, market, eatery, or gallery supports the livelihood of your neighbors. Plus the benefits of awesome customer service, products you can trust and an overall feeling of good community.

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Today (Nov. 19) is about another message: that American Made Matters. For a few months we’ve been following this group on Facebook. American Made Matters© was founded in 2009 by Don Rongione with a mission to educate consumers that buying US-made products strengthens the American dream. Rongione says, “We have the ability to change our economy and to strengthen our communities one purchase at a time. American consumers have tremendous economic clout and they need to realize the importance of buying American made goods. It only takes few seconds to look at a tag or to ask a sales person if they carry any made in USA brands. Many times you’ll be surprised that there isn’t much of a price difference, and American made goods are often better quality. With every purchase we have the ability to create jobs and better opportunities for our children and grandchildren.”

Handcrafted Furniture Custom Made in Vermont

So the declaration for today is to buy at least one American Made product. Of course, we’re A-Ok if you want to start with a piece of handcrafted furniture from the Guild.

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