The Fine Furniture Show

We spent last weekend in Woodstock, one of the most perfect places on earth; especially during foliage! For the eleventh year in a row, the Vermont Wood Manufacturer’s Association produced their signature event celebrating wood products and the working landscape here in the Green Mountain State.

Fine Furniture Show Woodstock VT
Handcrafted by the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers

As fine furniture makers, we are located toward the end of a long, health supply chain and the festival (Fine Furniture, Woodworking and Forests) touches upon the entire cycle of *good wood* in VT… From forest management to sustainable logging and timber operations, to local mills and kilns, to our workshops, to your homes.

It’s an annual event, of course, so if you didn’t make it over the weekend you can put it on the bucket list for 2015 *Vermont* things-to-do. A sizeable portion of festival-goers are shopping for fine furniture. This is definitely the place to see and touch a really broad collection of work — more than 30 makers and organizations represented — and meet the craftsmen that you’d be working with if you commissioned a piece.

Bob Gasperetti talks with a guest about the making process

Guild Members contribute work to a central display, and a few host their own exhibits as well. David Hurwitz Originals pictured here.

Custom Lighting Made in Vermont

There is also great camaraderie at the event, a destination for woodworkers of all skill levels, professionals and fans. Guild member Dave Hurwitz talks with a fellow craftsmen above. And below, our show space just next door to a great exhibit from one of the Guild’s supporting partners, Vermont Woodworking School.

Handmade Vermont Furniture from Master Craftsmen and Students on display

The event also offers opportunities to learn about Vermont forests and the forest industry, all underscoring their importance to both our state economy and character.

Celebrating Vermont's Forested Landsccape

Guild President Bob Gasperetti and Congressman Peter Welch, celebrating Vermont’t Working Landscape

Representing Vermont's Historical Park

If you ever hear the phrase *Local Wood Local Good* you know you’re in VT. To confirm that we practice what we preach about woodland stewardship, forest management and sustainable harvesting, all you have to do is visit… Soak up the unspoiled, incredible landscapes, pick up a pint of locally harvested Maple Syrup, and browse the masterfully crafted, studio furniture on our site.

And what’s a weekend of festival-making without an exciting contest? Each year at the show, artists and craftsmen display their entries is a statewide Wood Design Competition. Guild member Walt Stanley (Brookside Woodworking) is pictured below, along with his candidate for the ‘Carvings and Sculpture’ category.

Vermont Craftsman Walt Stanley

Turned Wood Bowl from Brookside WoodworkingIt was a great weekend in Woodstock and we’re grateful to the organizers, and to all of the attendees for a fabulous show of support for Vermont’s heritage and craft tradition. With the click of a button below you can share this post with your friends! Don’t forget, we’ll be there again next year.

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