Handcrafted Vermont on Display in Montpelier

Introducing HANDCRAFTED VERMONT: Works by the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers

Last summer, “Handcrafted Vermont” ran from late summer to early fall on the second floor of the Vermont State House in Montpelier. Visitors were able to join a guided tour of the capital building, and see our show as the last featured stop. For those of you who didn’t make it, we’ve collected some photos here. 

Vermont State Capital Montpelier

Guild Craftsmen work with their hands in an age where speed trumps quality and mass production floods our marketplace, and their studio produced furniture is a testament to the value of a deliberate, conscientious approach to work. It’s a celebration of the creative process!


Welcome to the Capital!

Handcrafted Vermont

Kit Clark’s handcrafted rocking chair, poised at the entrance…

Glass Top Coffee Table and Vermont Studio Chairs

Glass top coffee table from Joe Breznick and a pair of studio chairs from John Lomas

Handcrafted Vermont Sideboard

Another view of the show featuring Walt Stanley’s gorgeous sideboard and Pete Novick’s tall cabinet, far right.

Handcarved Vermont Furniture

Hand-carved detail on an Erin Hanley Coffee Table.

Tractor Seat Stools by Richard Bissell Fine Woodworking

Tractor Seat Stools from Richard Bissell Fine Woodworking

Handcrafted Windsor Chairs by George Ainley

A couple of beautiful Windsor Chairs from George Ainley.

Modern Studio Furniture Made in Vermont

Two modern studio pieces. Against the wall, a wood and stone piece from Dave Hurwitzin collaboration with Kerry O. Furlani. And in the foreground, an interesting painted table from Dan Mosheim & Dorset Custom Furniture. He shared inspiration fo the piece on his blog.

Vermont Handmade Table

Approachable and sophisticated, work from Jason Breen.

Handcarved Mirror, Charles Ogg Design

Luxury from Vermont… Chip Ogg‘s handcarved mirror, reflecting the show. Dave Boyton’s award-winng standing cabinet is featured along the west wall. (this pic from last year’s Woodstock show)

Award Winning Studio Furniture Made in Vermont

Handmade Vermont Table

Incredible, unique solid hardwoods and studio style. Bob Gasperetti contributed this piece above.

Studio Desk from Paul Zenaty

A piece from our newest member, Paul Zenaty

Cedar Room at the Vermont State Capital

Fun to take a few minutes to enjoy the State House spaces, including the Cedar Room (above) and the House Chamber (below).

House Chamber

A moment of gratitude for the efforts of Vermont State Curator Dave Shutz and his team, and our own Dave Boynton. Dave and Alex created a beautiful experience and an opportunity to connect with those who love and appreciate Vermont Craft. We thank you!



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