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The Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers is an association of thirty master craftsmen (and women) working in studios across Vermont. Most of our members have been designing and making custom furniture for decades, so there’s no shortage of stories or project pieces to share. We devote the Vermont Furniture Makers’ blog to telling and sharing these stories, taking you along on studio visits and collecting and introducing new work.

We’re often told that our furniture speaks for itself – handcrafted, meticulously designed and assembled, with only the best and most beautiful materials. But sometimes it’s fun to yield the podium to our customers and clients who have a fresh, candid way of expressing how they feel about our work, and about working with us.

We’ve collected some favorite testimonials from our members to share with you here…

Craftsmanship from Vermont Furniture Makers

Vermont Furniture Makers Making Customers Happy!

It’s a wonderful experience when we get to hand-deliver a client’s project but generally not the norm. Often we rely upon blanket shippers to get our furniture to its destination. And of all the correspondence with our clients, nothing feels better than the ‘thank you’ note — sometimes an email, sometime a call, sometimes even a handwritten note — letting us know how the furniture feels when installed in its new home.

Custom, Hand Carved Mirror, Erin Hanley Furniture

Windsor Chair Review for Vermont Furniture Maker Richard Bissell

Custom Furniture to Complement Existing Decor

A David Hurwitz Original

Vermont Furniture Maker sends commissioned projects across the country

Everything we do at the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers is custom, for the most part. Some of us have studio lines that, over the years, have become our own vernacular. We often edit and amend even our standard pieces to fit the dimensions of a client’s particular space or find a wood and a finish that suits their decor. And some of us work on purely original projects, where each commission is an inventive challenge that delights the maker and the recipient.

Five Star Reviews for Vermont Furniture Makers

Furniture as Art, Kit Clark Rocking Chair

Vermont Furniture Makers Crafting Heirlooms of Tomorrow

Kudos for Vermont Furniture Makers

We hope that you, too, will someday be the “proud owner” of a piece of our furniture and we applaud those of you that can — and do — put the principles of integrity, quality, and responsibly-handmade at the forefront of your buying criteria.

Special thanks to Bob Gasperetti, Dan Mosheim, Erin Hanley, John Lomas, Richard Bissell, Kit Clark, David Hurwitz and Paul Donio for responding with the goods.

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