What Kind of Furniture Do You Make?

The Vermont Furniture Makers Guild is an association of master level craftsmen dedicated to the common pursuits of quality craftsmanship, design excellence, and pursuit of artistic vision. Our collective body of work relies upon principles of time-tested joinery — mortise and tenon work, hand-cut dovetails – and construction techniques. We work with the most beautiful, durable and responsibly harvested hardwoods, including many native species. Some of us mill our own wood, some power shops with solar energy. Our members are juried in so that each craftsman meets the guild’s standards of aesthetic, principle and professionalism. Beyond that, style varies by maker, reflecting individual tastes and talents.

How about a little window shopping today? See what kind of furniture we make…

traditional furniture by Vermont's master craftsmen

Handcrafted Mission Furniture

A few of our members concentrate on traditional forms. George Ainley, maestro of the Windsor chair, is joined by Timothy Clark, who’s cornered his own market with the Waltham line.

Pictured above, clockwise from upper left: Clark’s Windsor Settee, Ainley’s Comb Back in layered milk paint.

Not the norm of his catalog but appropriate, we’ve also included John Lomas’ mahogany demi-lune tables here, along with a detail from Erin Hanley’s walnut side chair. Vintage decadence in ShackletonThomas‘ intricate roll top desk. Then the delicate, classic lines of Jason Breen’s half-round and Johns Congdon’s ‘Alienor.’

Mission is a style distinguished by its strong lines and surface grains, a favorite of makers and customers alike. Clockwise from upper left: a cherry dressing table from Hawk Ridge Furniture, a handsome, expandable dining table from William Laberge, Cabinetmaker. Mission desk and swivel chair detail from Bob Gasperetti, and a pair of handcrafted Mission-inspired chairs from Jim Becker in cherry and ebonized walnut. Look for similar pieces via the search function on our site; a good selection will appear there.

Vermont Shaker Furniture

Shaker and Shaker-inspired pieces are handled masterfully by folks like Richard Bissell, Paul Donio, and Doug Clarner. Check out a dedicated blog post on Vermont Shaker Style or search the site. Clockwise from above left: Sideboard and Pencil Post bed from Bissell Fine Woodworking, hutch and small table from the McGuires, and a contemporary Shaker-inspired sideboard from Brookside Woodworking.

Studio Furniture by Vermont's Finest Makers

So you have the staples styles above, sort of iconic American. And then you have some studio work, unique pieces that play off traditional forms but are distinguished by the maker’s personal approach. Pictured at left: Chris Ericson’sJapanese-inspired cabinet, ShackletonThomas’ Bridgewater Table, Doug Clarner’s Threadleaf Sideboard and a Claro Slab table with steel base from Dorset Custom Furniture. Also check out the Tansu work by Pete Novick/Hayama Cabinetmakers. Pete spends several months a year in Hayama, Japan and tells us that his work is enriched and inspired by experience with the craftsmen and artists there.

Just below, we’ve included a chair and ottoman from John Lomas’ Gloucester collection, Arts and Crafts-inspired with his own studio twist. And a commissioned table from Erin Hanley in walnut, with a walnut and recycled aluminum tile top.

Each of our members has a favorite style but they all look forward to the challenge and excitement of a new project, a customer’s special request, so something to keep in mind.

Unique Designs from Vermont Furniture Makers

A few of our members have done some fairly elaborate built ins, collaborating with architects and designers for a shared client. Custom office suites, libraries, display galleries, media storage solutions..  A few examples collected below, from Chip Ogg’s built in blanket chest window seat to cherry and glass cabinets by Hawk Ridge. At lower right, Ogg’s built in traditional cases, and at left, one of many libraries from Dorset Custom Furniture.

Built Ins and Architectural Work by Vermont Furniture Makers

Handcrafted Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed and salvaged wood can be an eco-friendly way to add interest to your home. American chestnut cabinets from Dorset Custom Furniture, an antique door conversion from Paul Wilson, and a simple, rustic farm table from Londonderry maker Joe Breznick.

And when design palettes trend away from traditional, our Guild members offer modern pieces that are functional, artistic and ‘out of the mind of the maker.’  Truly Modern Furniture from Vermont Craftsmen

Modern work featured above: Wavy Mirror from David Hurwitz Originals, Trillium Chairs from Mario Messina, Kitchen Island from Hugh Belton, Dramatic bed from Dave Boynton (pic courtesy of the Pitcher Inn) and finally, another Messina piece; the Nexus coffee table. And finally, a Kit Clark rocker. Unparalleled in it’s class, she says with a wink.

Custom Rocking Chair by Kit Clark

So whether your home is classic, cozy or contemporary, the guild probably has something for you. From a single piece to define a room, to a piece customized for function, our furniture is beautifully made with a lifetime guarantee. When you choose a piece of furniture from a master craftsman, you’re getting the best of the best while supporting art, craft and healthy communities. It’s a win-win, and a comfortable one.


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