Dorset Custom Furniture Work in Claro Walnut

Dan Mosheim from Dorset Custom Furniture has been making beautiful home interior pieces for more than thirty years. Taking a cue from one of his posts on a favorite material, claro walnut, here’s a fun and informative collection of images. Click the links throughout to visit Dan’s blog which contains more detail and photography. When asked why ‘Claro’, Dan’s response was “I love this wood … fancy, warm, vibrantly figured most of the time, stable, flat; it’s all good.”
Dan designs custom pieces to fit a client’s vision and this particular table was made for a Boston-area home, destined for their enclosed porch and accompanied by DCF outdoor lounge chairs. Take a look at it’s final installation. Claro is a favorite of many fine furniture makers for it’s rich color and striking grain patterns.
Here’s an shot of an early walnut project with a solid steel base; what Dan & Co. refer to as their ‘shaker style’ legs. While Dan called this piece a learning process, it looks pretty fantastic. They continue to make tables in this style with both bright and blackened steel legs. Pictured below is a little project model with legs sprayed ‘bright’ with krylon metalllic paint, looking exactly like the real thing, only a tenth as big.
Here’s the model atop the final product.
If you’re intrigued by the table and want to view more unique, fine furniture, take a tour through Dorset Custom Furniture on the web. Dan will educate you as you move through his blog and the galleries promise and deliver lots of inspiration. Bringing a custom furniture piece into your home is really something to celebrate. To borrow a few words from Arts & Crafts pioneer William Morris, “Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

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  1. Alton long

    I am a. Retired furniture maker near Philadelphia and selling off Clario ( yellow) walnut from Oregon . 2″ x 15- 19″ W. x 107″, Pa Cherry , walnut air dried over 30 years, and Chestnut , new, never used from the 1930s blight.


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