Spring Update, Kitchen Work Stools and Office Chairs

I just finished up two extra large kitchen work stools. They are based on my regular High Kitchen Work Stool but they are 2 inches wider and deeper than the original.  The three images below show some of the steps in shaping the seats.
the finished stools
stool leg wedged tenon detail
stool seat detail
bags of sawdust take a ride on the mercedes to the bottom of the driveway.
 For the last few years, I have been bagging my sawdust and putting it at the bottom of my driveway.  It always disappears within a day.  I think it gets used for chicken house bedding.  If I ever get some chickens, I will start keeping it for myself.
fruits of labor
a blank for a rocking chair seat all mapped out for drilling
Below are two of my Waltham Arm Chairs in cherry and ash to be mounted on office chair , swivel tilt hardware.
looking up at my shop roof peak while lying on the driveway on a sunny spring day.
Figaro, teaching me how to enjoy a sunny driveway.
The grass is beginning to green up, the black birds are in the marsh nearby and the geese are nesting after spending a week or so sitting on the ice.
Happy Spring,

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