some case pieces from the past

i’m on a mission to economically digitize my predigital images and it’s quite a process.  my photographer was partial to 4×5 transparencies and satin prints, neither of which have i had much luck scanning to get high quality. larger images. so, after a little experimentation, i’ve got a pretty good set up now for sunny days where i just set my digital camera on a tripod, place the transparency on a little frosted glass easel that i made and take a quick photo before the transparency curls from the sun … it’s the best way yet that i’ve found to copy them.  i’ve also got a set up for 35mm that works too, but i need to get a new viewer …
for more photos of both sideboards and case pieces visit our dorset custom furniture blog.  click the photos to enlarge them …

sideboards here

case pieces here

 1989  natural cherry

 my ‘transparency copier’
 1986 .. mahogany and black milk paint … origin piece of our ‘studio style’
 +/- 1993 .. can’t remember
 early 90’s sometime
 ditto … 
goes with the piece above and has a mirror too ..
 ‘studio style’
for comparison, a purely digital image
 1996.  copy of an existing antique
 yee hah !! 1994.  where are these customers these days ???
 remarkably, 1983
 disassembled and reconfigured in a new location in 2010
the wife … 1971 ..  
for your 35 mm slides, find your old slide viewer and take it from there.

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