a few claro walnut tables and one with copper

i haven’t posted anything on the guild blog for a long time as i have been writing my own blog for almost 5 years now.  i’ll scatter the appropriate links to each of our posts with the photos below.  at those links, you can see more photos and process comments on each piece. 
 in the last three months,we’ve had the opportunity to build a somewhat amazing series of large tables,  and, since i have all the photos organized, i thought it might be nice to collect them in one place.  here they are … click the photos to enlarge them …if you’re not familiar with the lightbox thing, after you enlarge a photo, you get back to where you were in the post by clicking the ‘x’ in the upper right corner of your screen … with some considerable effort, we have removed the light box feature from our blog.
this is a 10 footer we delivered to stowe last week.  it has our standard ‘shaker style’ steel base that we offer in ‘natural’, the ‘blackened finish’ above, and a ‘rainbow’ finish, which is kind of unpredictable, but generally ‘bronzy’ in color.
this is a view of the base routed into and bolted to the bottom of the slab top … we have the steel pieces waterjet cut from 1.5″ plate steel and then we drill, tap, grind, polish and finish them …
and here we have a desk with a ‘secret’ compartment and our new ‘trapezoid’ steel base with a ‘natural’ finish in 1.5 x 3″ tubing … 44 x 66 x 29 high.
cool view from the end ..
and a secret compartment, accessed using this folding brass, sam made, tool in it’s own ‘secret’ compartment.
this 40″ x 12′ table went to the chicago area about 3 weeks ago and also arrived at its destination last week. 
it had a new, for us, ‘expresso finish’, which was expertly top coated with magnamax lacquer by steve holman of holman studios, another guild of vermont furniture makers member.
this is what the slabs look like when we buy them over the internet … the client gets to see them (sort of) before we buy them … #3 here is currently in the shop being turned into a 9′ table, headed to boston when it is finished.
so far, so good
and today we were working on this one … it is the widest one yet … +/- 63″ wide in the rough, cut to 60 x 96 …
the boys are at it here with the 3.5″ makita power planers … it’s a noisy, tedious job ..
and here it is, in my garage ( the shop is kind of crowded right now) on the mocked up ‘trapezoid’ base … it has to be all finished and on its way to aspen at the end of next week … it’s gonna be tight …
and we’ve done three coffee tables too with ‘smaller’ slabs .. i think this one was 38 x 54″ … you can see the other two at this blog post … and this one

this was an unusal one. the slab was broken in two pieces when we bought it, so we got a deal on it … will and trevor stitched it back together with about 20 butterflies, most on the top, some on the bottom … good as new .. this has a base with polished 5/8ths” rebar, a funky new thing we have been fooling with.  it’s currently with six chairs trolling for clients at the vermont visitors center in guilford on route 91.  no takers yet.
and then, for one of our original claro table customers who came to us back in 2010, we made this unusual (for us) 3′ x 11′ copper clad table … the copper is glued to a thick wood base and then nailed on with 1’5″ copper slate nails whose heads jim gently beveled with a drill on the edge sander … we have a 40 x 60 coffee table version in the shop, awaiting the liver of sulphur patina … 
the base is reclaimed, distressed oak with a gray paint finish 
if, after all this, you’d like to see more of our claro walnut pieces, here’s a final link that will give you access to the whole ‘category’
whew!  long post … time for a guinness …
8/12/2012 .. ahhh, forgot the one below  definitely another ‘large table’ …

our blog post link here


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