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I’ve been meaning to post some recent press coverage: I was contacted last fall by a woodworking magazine called DRVO, based in Zagreb, Croatia, about an article they wanted to write about my work.  They ran a two page article in their September (Rujan) issue.  The magazine is distributed in Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia.

Interestingly, the names of the months of the year in Croatian have several references to wood in their translations.  According to Wikipedia the Croatian name of the month of January (Siječanj) translates as “month of cutting wood”.  Svibanj (May) translates as “month of budding”.  Svibanj is from the word Svibovina, which is the word for the Cornel tree, or European dogwood.  Lipanj (June) translates as “month of the lipa” (lime/linden tree).  And Rujan (September)?  “Month of animal mating”.  

Here is the article below – click to enlarge.  To see other press coverage about my work, please visit the press page on my website, at

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