A Bunch of Stuff We’ve Been Working On

Hmmmm … Looks like I’ve missed a couple of my ‘turns’ posting to this blog … I have, however, been posting away on my own dorset custom furniture weblog for the last couple of months (years) .
Below are some photos of projects that are either in the works or recently completed. I won’t bore you with the details here, but if you click the links you will see process photos, design comments, finish schedules … All the details … Check ’em out if you’re interested … Click the photos here to enlarge them …

Dan Mosheim
Dorset Custom Furniture
A Really Nice Curly Maple Jewelry Cabinet by Will
A Wall Hung TV Cabinet
Same house .. A free standing tv cabinet with folding retractable doors
An Art Deco Lighted Bar Cabinet really black walnut …
A 10′ Claro Walnut slab table we’re working on
Another post on that here don’t try this at home …
An Art Deco Style Vanity … different client !! but another ‘black’ walnut piece
A Single Pedestal 6′ Mahogany table that expands to 10′ … no drop down legs … stationary pedestal

A 40″ Wide piece of mahogany we made into a coffee table
And a two board 40″ wide x 85″ walnut table with some steel ‘patches’ As well as a bunch of other stuff … read .. comment … enjoy …


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