Building A Design Library

As a custom furniture maker, I am often asked to make things in styles that may or may not be totally familiar to me. So, to make up for my lack of a formal art education, and to satisfy my ongoing curiosity about design, I have been building a library of design related book over the last 30 some years. To complement my at home collection, I also use the interlibrary loan feature of my local library where I can request books from other libraries around New England and keep them for as long as 3 weeks. I have gotten obscure and out of print books that way and some of them have been surprisingly helpful. So if you don’t want to just go out an buy a bunch of books, try checking them out on Amazon or Google first, then go the interlibrary loan route if they have been around for a while, and, then, if you really love em … shell out the bucks and put them on your shelf … IMHO you can’t have too many books … I’ve also written an expanded version of this post on my own blog … Also, on my dorset custom furniture blog I have added a ‘categories’ feature where you can find posts on various subjects like ‘models and mockups’ , ‘antique repairs and restorations’, and Sam’s custom metalwork’ as well as others. I’d be interested to learn of your favorite design books as I’m always looking for new sources of inspiration …Leave a comment below with their titles or send me an email ,,,, Click the photos below and you can see some of the titles in the enlarged photos. I have red dotted my favorites .. 3 dots being the most favorite …

‘Art’ books below


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