President and Michelle Obama’s Wedding Anniversary

The Obama’s celebrated their wedding anniversary at the Blue Duck Tavern at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C. a week or so ago.

At the restaurant, they were among furniture that I made for the Hyatt a couple of years ago. Here, you can see my Waltham Rocker , and here you can see the 29′ Windsor bench that I made for the the hotel . These are links from the Blue Duck Tavern website.

There are eight of my rockers at the Hyatt and six of them are spread around the common areas on the first floor. The long bench is in the
Blue Duck Tavern and there are also eight 4 1/2′ benches in glass walled booths in the Tea/Lunch area. For more information on these pieces, take a look at images from the project at my website.
It is very satisfying to have work in a place where it is appreciated and seen and experienced by many influential people. After the hotel renovation was completed, my family and I were invited to stay at the hotel for the grand opening where one of my rockers was gifted (by the Hyatt) to Terry McAuliffe where Hillary Clinton spoke and many Mucky Mucks rubbed shoulders. I am the HaySeed in the plaid jacket that my wife picked up at a thrift shop before the trip. How was I to know that a dark suit was the thing for an evening event. Vermont Formal is a nice shirt and a pair of clean jeans. The whole thing was pretty amazing. The suite that they gave my wife, son, and I for a few nights, was a bit larger than our house and cost more than three months of mortgage payments per night. We do live in a different world here in Vermont which makes it even more noteworthy that many of us here, of meager means, do things or make things that touch the lives of those who run the world.

This was a great job for me not only because it was a large order with great exposure but mostly because these are all some of my favorites. They are pieces that I enjoy making again and again. So, feel free to order more of the above.
Have a great day,
Timothy Clark

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