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off in Thailand with my son, wife and new daughter, who we are in the process of adopting. With language barriers and a major difference in the ways of the U.S. Government vs the ways of the Thai people, it has been a challenge. I actually sat at a computer in the orphanage and wrote an “official” document to be used in the process. Don’t tell anyone.

We did get a chance to visit a furniture factory / showroom in Chiang Mai, in the north. I was impressed by the quality. There was an acre of teak tables for outdoor use but they were much better quality than those that we see here. Much heavier stock than we see here. The logs pictured are teak and rosewood from left to right. The woman in the purple shirt is cutting mother of pearl inlay like that in the table and chairs (pictured). The man carving in the blue shirt is working on a deep relief carving that will take him around 6 months. Check out the George Nakashima knock off. I think the addition of a brace was a good idea.
That’s all.
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2 thoughts on “Thailand

  1. Richard Bissell

    Hey Tim,

    It’s nice to hear from you. I was a little worried looking at all the news reports about the protests in Thailand on the weekend you left but I guess everything worked out ok.
    Great pictures and what a cute little girl!

  2. Timothy Clark

    Thanks Richard,
    We did not see a bit of the protesting while here. The news made it out to be bigger than it was. We finally have our visa. That was the only challenge here.


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