5,000 Board Feet of Pine

There it is, my new shop! I took delivery of about 5,000 board feet of pine yesterday. There is a little locust for the sills, a cherry half log (the loggers threw in) and a maple log for some flooring. My band saw mill is just out of the picture to the left. I am taking the photo from the middle of where the workshop will go. My bench will be ten feet closer to the logs. When am I going to do this? Its hard to imagine where the time will come from. However, I am desperate to get out of the rented space I’m in, off of a concrete (tool eating) floor and have some real insulation. I am most looking forward to windows that look out upon an inspiring landscape and let in the sunlight.

Why so much pine you ask? Its cheap and easy to work. It makes good timber frames, wainscoting and roof sheathing. I have mostly used hemlock for frames in the past, but have noticed a lot of pine in old frames, especially from the mid 1800’s. The pine seems to hold up well, better than hemlock in some cases. Mostly, though, pine is what my friends a few miles away were cutting out of their sugar bush.

The plan is to mill all these logs into 8×8 timbers and 1″ boards before it warms up too much, then cut the timber frame in early summer and invite folks for the raising ASAP. The building itself will be 24 x 32 with a 12 x 14 wing for office/studio. Unlike traditional New England frames, this will not have “bents” reaching across the middle of the building. Instead, I will build a side-wall frame, which will eliminate the “post-in-the-middle-of-the-room” dilemma. The ceiling will be suspended from the collar-ties two feet above the plates. I hope to be in by Christmas.

There it is. I’ve put it up for all the world to see. We’ll see if I can get this done by Christmas. It’s a tall order for just one person working on the building, starting with logs. Luckily I’m quicker with a chisel than I am with a blog! Maybe I can afford to hire out the sheetrock. I will devote this year’s postings to updates on the building, so all can keep up. Hopefully I’ll do something else interesting, like build some furniture. If so I’ll put that up, too.

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