Windsor Lowback Setee

Windsor Lowback Setee

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

The faux finish gives the new piece instant character. Layers of green, blue, and black milk paint are applied, sanding heavily on the “wear” spots in between coats. The legs, stretchers, and posts are all turned out of green, freshly cut maple, which behaves so nicely on the lathe. When fully dried the pieces assume an oblong shape. The turning style is an involved classic form, but could be substituted for a much simpler modern or bamboo style and reduce the project time by a full day or more. The back cushion/arm is made of three pieces of Red Oak. The spindles are also made of this same wood, riven and shaped on the shave horse. The end of the arm terminates with a relief-carved curl.

The Windsor Lowback Setee is made of maple, red oak, and poplar (the seat). The wood was scavenged from a few fallen trees on the Reed College campus in Portland, Ore. The poplar was scavenged from the local lumber yard. It is finished with milk paint, shellac and wax.

Dimensions: 74" W x 32" T x 17 1/2" D

Price: $5,200

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