Windsor rocking chair, milk paint, Vermont, Timothy Clark,, Waltham Rocker

Waltham Rocker

detail, Waltham Rocker by Timothy Clark

Timothy Clark Cabinetmaker Chairwright
of Waltham, VT

This rocker is the result of much that I have learned over the years. The shape of the legs is influenced by an 18th-century Windsor chair that I repaired this last year. My Floating Rail which passes behind the back spindles is a design that I came up with twelve years ago for my Cod Rib Arm Chair to eliminate the lump in the middle of the back found on traditional chairs, and to allow the back to flex. The shape of the arm rest on the Waltham Rocker is similar to an 18th-century sack back arm chair that I admire. The encompassing curve of the back spindles and arm, along with the round seat, was meant to give a feeling of embrace.
My rocking chairs have a full, smooth rocking motion – perfect for putting the baby or yourself to sleep. The seat is deeply shaped and of a full size to support the sitter. The back is tall enough and designed with room for a pillow to rest your head.
Milk paint gives a richness like no other paint. Historically Windsor chairs were painted to cover up the many different woods of which they were made. This chair is built from Ash, Basswood, Cherry, and Poplar. The paint allows the viewer to see the chair as a complete form rather than its separate pieces. The hand-shaped parts maintain some ‘feel’ of the building process. Grab onto one of the back spindles and you will feel the facets left by the hand plane that shaped it.
The sturdy, fine lines of the Waltham Rocker combined with its handmade ruggedness and chorus of curves and hollows make this an heirloom quality favorite.

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